Renewing the American Dream by Frank Islam, George Muñoz & Ed Crego
Renewing The American Dream

"My friend and Marriott Board colleague, George Munoz, and his co-authors, have put forth principles in this book about Enterprise USA that will re-energize the American Dream for the 21st Century.  When my father founded Marriott International during the Great Depression, he lived the American Dream and seized the opportunity given to him by this great country.  We all have the responsibility to keep that dream alive."
—J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr.

"This book is a must read.  It identifies many of our biggest problems and comes up with sound suggestions for solving them in a very thoughtful and bipartisan fashion."
—Peter Fitzgerald, Former United States Senator from Illinois

"Islam, Munoz and Crego prove that the citizen’s voice is still the most relevant in the national dialogue on America’s condition.  Their well reasoned and well written book is a wonderful resource that all citizens can use to move beyond anger and anxiety to constructive and positive engagement in shaping America’s future."
—Alan Gitelson, Professor Political Science, Loyola University, Chicago

"This work is an absolute must read for all executives, legislative policy makers and citizens who are concerned about the future of our country.  The author team has coupled its research with extensive hands-on experience to formulate viable options for the nation’s socio-economic development."
—Steve Mandes, Executive Director, National Institute for Metalworking Skills

"This book highlights the fragile condition of the American Dream and the impact that has had on the working and middle class.  It raises critical issues that need to be at the top of our political agenda.  It should be required reading for all who want to find new solutions to move America forward."
— Charles E. Snyder, President and CEO, National Consumer Cooperative Bank